Zirconium Treatment

Zirconium Treatment

Zirconium tooth coating is a porcelain tooth coating method with zircon infrastructure. They do not contain metal. Since zirconium is a coating that transmits light and does not alloy from the bottom, it is a more preferred aesthetic coating method in the anterior region teeth.

Zirconium Treatment

11 members underwent monolithic zirconium treatment.

Zirconium Treatment

24 members received zirconium treatment.


The teeth to be coated with zirconium are firstly reduced in such a way that porcelain is placed on it and the patient’s intraoral measurement is transferred to the digital environment with the help of scanners. In the laboratory environment, porcelains are specially designed and prepared for the patient. The prepared porcelains are adhered to the reduced teeth with special adhesives. Zirconium porcelains, which are completely compatible with the gums, are suitable for long-term use. Zirconiums increase the quality of life by providing a natural and aesthetic smile. If the patient pays attention to oral hygiene and prosthesis care, it is long-lasting.

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    The lifetime of the zirconium crown actually varies according to the tooth structure. On average, zirconium crowns can be used easily between 5 – 15 years. However, if the necessary precautions and maintenance are carried out, it is possible to extend this period of time and use the zirconium crown for a period of 20 years.

    Zirconium crown is the substance obtained after the zirconia material is combined with oxygen and becomes hard, and is used in coating treatments in dentistry. The adaptation process is quite short and easy. Although it has a thin and transparent structure, it is a very durable material. There is no taste disorder in the mouth as a result of zirconium crown. Since the tooth is in its own colour, a natural tooth appearance can be obtained and it is not obvious from the outside that the tooth is coated. There are no effects such as the appearance of an allergic reaction in the gums. It does not cause colour change in the gums. It has the ability to mask the colour of the underlying tooth in order to ensure that severely discoloured teeth can also look natural. Aesthetic, natural and high quality appearance can be reached with zirconium crowns.

    The laboratory stages of the construction of zirconium teeth take 4-5 days, and the total time is around 1 week with the tooth cutting, measurement, planning, rehearsal and final bonding process to be performed by the specialist..

    Since the surface of porcelain crowns is well polished, they do not stain.

    The care and cleaning of zirconium crowns is exactly the same as natural teeth. You should brush your teeth twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste and use dental floss. Rinsing your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash once every two days prevents the accumulation of bacterial plaque that may form on the coating surface.

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