Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment


Orthodontic treatment has an important role in the treatment of structural problems of the teeth and mouth. Especially with the braces applications, the path taken in the treatment is much more than in the past years. The positive results obtained with braces treatment also provide the elimination of sociological and psychological problems in the daily life of the patients.

Late orthodontic treatment and braces application bring different problems when the age factor is taken into consideration due to the appearance in the mouth. It is observed that patients, especially those who start their corporate business life, are very uncomfortable with the image formed by the braces application. In order to eliminate this negative image encountered in orthodontic treatments, we ensure that our patients are not negatively affected by the treatment process with the Invisalign transparent plaque treatment method applied by a few physicians in the world.

Invisalign transparent plaque application is applied only by our physicians trained and certified by Invisalign. Invisalign is a form of treatment in which the patient can correct his teeth by using transparent aligners instead of correcting teeth with orthodontic wire treatment. After deciding to start treatment, an impression or 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth is taken and sent to Invisalign’s centre in the Netherlands. The treatment process starts with the aligners designed by Invisalign only for the person and the person’s mouth structure.

During the treatment, our patients are not exposed to any pain or suffering and do not face any sociological or psychological problems due to the invisibility of the aligners.

Complex disorders can be easily treated with Invisalign transparent plate treatment method.

  • Open bite
  • Deep closure
  • Crowding
  • Interdental spaces
  • Increased overjet
  • Class 2 closures
  • Very good results are obtained in moderate and mild class 3 closures
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    Thanks to invisalign orthodontic treatment with the help of transparent plaques, it is possible to straighten teeth without wires and brackets.

    When transparent plaques are in the mouth, only water can be drunk, otherwise they should be removed while eating and drinking.

    It is recommended to wear transparent plaques for 22 hours a day, so they should also be worn at night while sleeping.

    In invisalign treatment, when transparent plaques are delivered to the patient, the aligner box and cleaning crystals are given to the patient and you can clean your transparent plaques with the help of these crystals.

    It can be used under the patient’s own supervision by following the procedures explained by our orthodontist and replacing transparent plaques on the dates determined by him/her.

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