Total Prosthesis

Total Prosthesis

All-on-4 implant treatment is an advanced prosthesis-supported implant technique that can be applied to patients with a jaw structure that will be completely toothless or soon to be toothless using implants. This implant technique is a highly advanced form of traditional implants. All-on-4 implant method is an ideal method for patients with bone loss in the posterior tooth areas to use fixed teeth. In this technique, instead of making an implant instead of each missing tooth, 4 implants are placed on a single jaw. The areas with missing bone level are bypassed and the implants are placed at an angle, so there is no need to perform procedures such as sinus elevation and bone augmentation. It is planned by making the necessary measurements with the help of computerised tomography and safely applied to the patient. Afterwards, the prosthesis is fixed on these implants. Since the number of sessions required for treatment is small, it is suitable for patients with limited time. It is also more comfortable for patients travelling abroad and out of town.

Full dental dentures are mobile because they are supported in the tissue. In particular, the lower palate has less volume than the upper palate, and the presence of the tongue in the lower jaw makes the lower prosthesis more mobile than the upper prosthesis. General complaint of patients; my upper palate is involved, but my lower palate is playing while eating and talking. As a result of this movement, frequent blows occur. These problems can be solved by physician and patient communication.

Although bonding total dentures with special adhesives reduces complaints in some cases, the best method to eliminate this problem is the construction of overdenture prostheses, which are popularly defined as snap prosthesis, which are applied with special holders on the implant.

Your prosthesis, which will feel heavy and bulky in the first weeks, will adapt over time, and it will be easier for you to use it. Although you may have difficulty in putting on and taking off at first, this can be overcome with a little practice. Follow your dentist’s recommendations.

With the completion of your missing teeth, you can eat more comfortably. Although it may be difficult at first, you can solve this problem by eating soft foods, cutting food into small pieces and chewing slowly. It is necessary to use both sides while chewing so that it can receive equal and balanced pressure. Very hard and sticky foods or chewing gum is not recommended.

Gum tissue and other soft tissues in the mouth are constantly changing shape. If the prosthesis is not fitted, the shape of the mouth may change and problems may occur during the re-attachment of the prosthesis.

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