Dental tomography is a 3-dimensional method that helps to obtain images consisting of thin sections and containing volume, which helps to see the objects in the desired area more clearly by excluding the images out of focus by using X-rays.

Firstly, a two-way guided image is obtained from the patient and the shots are taken. Before the patient leaves the tomography device, the problematic areas are determined by the specialist dentist. A 3-dimensional tomography image is taken from these targeted and determined areas.

Dental tomography is a guide in diagnosing and planning the treatment of various dental diseases. In addition, shots can be taken to evaluate the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint).

Dental tomography; tooth curvatures, calculus, teeth at risk of decay, bridge treatment, need for filling in the tooth, root canal treatment, cleft palate conditions, jaw cysts, dental structures embedded in the jawbone.

It comes out immediately after dental tomography.

The low radiation doses used in Computerised Tomography scans have very low long-term damages. In addition, with the developing technology, scanning is performed in seconds with much faster and low dose radiation.

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