Porcelain Laminates, which is a technique in which only the front faces of the teeth are thinned by 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting and the solid tooth tissue is lost at least, is realised by bonding the prepared material to the thinned area of the teeth. For this type of coating, we can briefly say that it is a practical and effective cosmetic solution. The main purpose of the leaf porcelain application is to eliminate these problems by adhering the porcelain layer with aesthetic problems to the front faces of the teeth in front of the front teeth. Within the scope of this treatment, it is sufficient to preserve the natural beauty and structure of the tooth and to maintain the functionality of the replacement material. Laminate Veneer and similar treatments are generally applied after tooth structure deterioration, which is seen as one of the most common problems due to neglect of dental care.Porcelain laminate is preferred for the formation of different colours in the teeth, damage to the tooth enamel, gaps between the teeth, caries or fractures in the front teeth.

Laminate teeth and porcelain, full ceramic teeth have the same material. The only difference in laminate is that it is an aesthetic dental system that is adhered to the front surface of the tooth in the form of false nails and does not touch the back of the tooth in any way.

When we consider the lifespan of laminated teeth, the routine care you will do for your normal teeth is also necessary for your laminated teeth. When you pay attention to your oral and dental hygiene when you comply with the necessary boards, the life of your tooth will be 10-15 years.

A natural and healthy appearance is achieved in a very short time with minor interventions. It is supplied from robust, durable and colourfast materials. Since the light transmittance is very close to natural teeth, a highly natural appearance can be obtained. Since the entire tooth is not cut, it prevents the loss of too much material in the tooth.

Laminate procedure is not a suitable method for some people. Especially people with nail biting habits, swallowing disorders or jaw disorders should stay away from the laminated method. If these people want to laminate, these problems should be treated first. In addition, since there will be very little filling in laminated teeth, it cannot be applied on teeth that have previously undergone coating treatment such as porcelain, zirconium. For a good porcelain laminated treatment, you must have intact enamel tissue on your teeth.

Laminated teeth made of the highest quality ceramic retain their colour and brightness. They are not affected by cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc. A yellowing can only occur as a result of a tooth losing its vitality.

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