Join Splint

Join Splint

Pain in the jaw joint and head and neck region, noise when opening and closing the jaw, restriction in mouth opening, difficulty and pain during movements such as chewing and snacking, abrasion on tooth surfaces, sliding opening and locking of the jaw are among the main symptoms of jaw joint disorders.
Treatment of jaw joint disorders is performed with joint splinting. The aim of the treatment is to eliminate the patient’s pain complaint and to restore normal mouth opening. Joint splinting is performed according to the patient and the duration of treatment may vary depending on the severity of the disease.

Joint splint, i.e. night plate, is a type of treatment applied to patients with complaints of pain in the jaw joints, teeth clenching, and limited mouth opening. An intraoral impression is taken from the patient and completely customised plates are made.

The treatment process varies from person to person, case to case.

It should be worn at night because we usually clench our teeth unconsciously while sleeping. It can also be used during the day.

The more the teeth clenching decreases, the jaw pain will decrease in direct proportion. In addition to the plaques used, you may need to do jaw exercises given by your doctor.

It can be applied to all patients who are 18 years old and have completed bone development.

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