Surgical removal of the gums is called gingivectomy. In some patients, the level of the gums overrides the size of the tooth and causes a lack of aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the gingivectomy treatment method, the dominant appearance of the gums is reduced. In this way, it is ensured that the person has a more aesthetic appearance while laughing. With the predominance of gums, short teeth affect the smile as well as the jaw structure, nose and lip shape. With gingivectomy treatment, our patients have healthier smiles and jaw structure.

Gingivectomy is a treatment technique in which we aim to lengthen the tooth length and provide a more aesthetic appearance for patients with lower gum level.

Firstly, the teeth in the patient’s smile line are determined. Then, the gums on these teeth are cut with laser or surgical instruments. A more aesthetic appearance will appear after the procedure.

It is sufficient to apply only to the teeth on the smile line.

Gums may grow again in patients with constant infection problems in the gums or dry mouth discomfort.

The procedure usually takes one or two sessions.

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