Flour Treatment

Flour Treatment

Flour is a natural element that protects the tooth structure and increases resistance to dental caries. Flour element strengthens teeth by accelerating the formation of tooth enamel.

Flour treatment has different applications for children and adults.

Flour treatment in children is applied during the development period of the teeth. It is applied for children whose teeth decay rapidly and whose enamel has not completed their development. It is a preventive treatment method to prevent rapid decay of children’s teeth and tooth loss.

As a result of flour treatment applied to children, rapid tooth decay and tooth loss are prevented. Flour treatment has an important role in preventing sociological and psychological problems of children.

How and When is Flour Treatment Applied?

Flour treatment can be applied from the moment children reach the age of 3. Since nothing can be eaten or drunk for 30 to 60 minutes after the application, it will be beneficial for children to drink plenty of water before the procedure. After the teeth are thoroughly dried with air, fluorine varnish is applied to all teeth, including the upper and lower teeth. Then, after the saliva and varnish remaining in the mouth are removed with a special absorbent device, the procedure is terminated.

The application of flour treatment, which is quite simple and painless, is extremely important for children to have healthier teeth. Flour treatment applied in adults is applied with the prediction of the dentist. Our dentists apply fluoride treatment according to the basis of the problems in the tooth structure of the person and sudden tooth loss is prevented.

flour tedavisi - ortodonti

Flour gel is an anti-caries substance applied to tooth enamel. With the effect of flour, tooth enamel is made more resistant and hard against microorganisms. Thus, the tooth enamel has a stronger structure. This application is extremely comfortable, simple and painless.

Flour application is applied to the teeth with the help of a special brush after the teeth are dried. It is especially used in children and disabled children and individuals who cannot use flour spoons due to gag reflex. It dries immediately within seconds after contact with saliva. There is no need to spit.

Flour application starts from the age of three. It is a very useful treatment especially for strengthening tooth enamel against caries in children. However, this application is suitable for children aged 6 years and older. Because the extra flour remaining in the mouth after the application should be spat out. In children 5 years of age and younger, flour varnish applications that do not need to be spat out and dry by covering the teeth immediately are preferred.

Flour varnish application is not harmful and is a very safe application if it is performed under the control of a physician and properly. When applied to the tooth surface, the risk of swallowing and flour toxicity is negligible since it dries and hardens in a short time by contact with saliva.

Nothing should be eaten or drunk within 30 minutes after the application, and hard and hot foods should be avoided for 4 hours afterwards. Teeth should not be brushed on the day flour varnish is applied, and brushing should be continued regularly the next day.

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