Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

It is a personalised smile design by evaluating the current oral and dental condition of the person with intraoral digital scanning and 3D imaging applications.


With intraoral digital scanning and 3D imaging, you can have the smile of your dreams and a healthy tooth structure

In addition to anatomical problems, many psychological and sociological problems are eliminated with digital smile design. With digital smile design, you will not avoid smiling and you will feel happier, peaceful and perfect.

Since the smile design is done completely with digital and 3D scanners, your smile is designed without feeling any pain or pain.


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    Hollywood smile is the process of designing congenital or subsequent dental defects due to various reasons in accordance with the facial features of the person and coating them with the appropriate porcelain type.

    This process, which varies depending on the type of porcelain to be made or the number of teeth, can be called minimum 1 week.

    Firstly, the mouth impression of the patient is transferred to the digital environment. Problematic points are determined to this extent and the type of treatment is decided. The process starts in line with the patient’s approval of the treatment. The teeth are reduced in such a way that porcelain is placed on them and an impression is taken. Porcelains prepared in the laboratory environment are adhered to the teeth with special adhesives.

    It is a type of treatment that can be used for many years if oral care is done regularly and with the right technique.

    Over 18 years of age, it can be applied to all patients who provide development.

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