Curettage treatment is the process of cleaning the tartar that is not cleaned in time when it progresses and becomes complicated. It is generally applied to patients who complain of inflammation, swelling and pain in the gums. Tartar cleaning, which is normally sufficient when performed more superficially, may not be sufficient for these patients. With the help of certain surgical instruments, it is descended under the gums and the stones accumulated there are cleaned. In this way, bone resorption and tooth loss are prevented.

Curettage is a deep cleaning procedure applied when standard scaling is not sufficient.

Periodontology (gum) department of the relevant hospitals.

Curettage is a surgical procedure. Therefore, this procedure is performed with local anaesthesia, i.e. regional anaesthesia. There will be no pain during the procedure, and you can spend this process painlessly with medication supplements afterwards.

When curettage, i.e. deep cleaning, is not performed, the accumulated calculus will cause serious problems such as bone resorption, gum recession and tooth loss.

It is usually done region by region. It is applied in 2 sessions at 1 week intervals. This process may vary depending on the patient’s request.

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