Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

In the human body, the head and face region plays a very important role in terms of beauty, image, expression of emotions and thoughts. Our teeth form a uniform image in ideal relationships with bones, jaws and all related soft tissues and organs. This image reflects aesthetics and beauty.




Disorders in the alignment or colour of the teeth significantly affect aesthetics and beauty. These problems can also bring psychological discomfort. There may be a lack of confidence in communication with the social environment. Most patients try to solve these problems by avoiding smiling or closing their mouth while smiling.

With aesthetic dentistry, our patients can have a beautiful and healthy smile. Problems such as tooth deficiency, tooth crowding, caries, stains, fractures due to trauma can be solved with treatments such as orthodontic treatment, aesthetic composite fillings, laminate veneers, zirconium-supported porcelain, full porcelain veneers (empress) and bleaching (whitening). Today, these treatments can be performed comfortably. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, patients feel happy, peaceful and perfect.

Aesthetic dentistry creates a perfect smile.
“If you want everyone to love you, smile” ( Dale Carnegie)

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    Cosmetic dentistry is a field that aims to create a positive change in teeth and covers all aesthetic treatments.

    Zirconium, laminated, Emax are examples of aesthetic looking veneers.

    The laminate process made of filling material, which we call composite laminate, and aesthetic fillings are also included in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

    Prosthetic dental treatment, that is, prosthesis specialists and all specialists trained in this field can perform these procedures.

    We can say that the duration of use of veneers is generally a minimum of 10 years. The veneers may need to be replaced after 10 years due to gum recession and age-related bone resorption. The warranty is also valid during this period.

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