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Resolving The Bad Breath

Having a bad breath is a case that so many people having trouble with and makes them uncomfortable and anxious. Detailed Info »

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the medical technic that designs the best-personalised smile by evaluating a patient’s current oral and dental health statement with oral scanning and 3D tomography.Detailed Info »

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry technic that resolves the tooth stainings caused by various reasons via bleaching gels.Detailed Info »


Endodontics is a branch of science that deals with root canal infections. The treatment applied in cases where the dental pulp is damaged so that it cannot repair itself is called root canal treatment.Detailed Info »

Flour Treatment

Flour is a natural element that increases the resistance to dental
caries by creating in the tooth structure. The element Flour strengthens teeth by accelerating the formation of enamel.Detailed Info »

General Anesthesia

General anaesthesia is the type of anaesthesia which is a state of narcosis provided by intravenous drug administration and/ or stun gas applied to the patient. On the other hand, sedation..Detailed Info »

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Oral diagnosis is the branch of dentistry that diagnoses the oral symptoms of oral diseases or systemic disorders in the body and plans the treatment.Detailed Info »


The general appliances used for the functioning of the missing or damaged limbs of living things are called prostheses.Detailed Info »

Zirconium Dental Treatment

Zirconium is a White-coloured alloy that transmits light and does not reflect from the bottom.Detailed Info »
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