Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a common dental problem seen in 35% of adults, it is not a disease. We can list the factors that cause tooth sensitivity as follows:
-       Hard teeth brushing
-       Recession and inflammation of the gums
-       Bruxism (teeth grinding)
-       Broken teeth
-       Consumption of acidic foods and beverages
To prevent tooth sensitivity:
-       Brush your teeth gently twice a day with a brush recommended by your dentist.
-       Consume less acidic foods and drinks, use straws for acidic drinks such as cola.
-       Visit your dentist as soon as possible if the people around you notice that you are grinding your teeth while you are sleeping and warns you. İn this case, your dentist will make a custom made night guard to use it while you go to bed.
-       Brush your teeth regularly with a suitable desensitizing tooth paste recommended by your dentist.
İf these measures that can be applied at home are insufficient, your dentist can eliminate your tooth sensitivity problem with special desensitizing agents that she will apply on the surface of your teeth.