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Inci Group operates dental clinics, laboratories, occupational health and safety, medical tourism and importation and exportation of medical materials in the health sector.

Inci Group has been specialising in the field of oral and dental health with its 5 fully equipped clinics to provide treatments and healthy smiles to native and foreign patients whose complaints about their oral and dental health problems with high technologies and modern medicine methods since 2013.

It is the most important institution in its field in Turkey, with its modern laboratory within the body of Inci Group and its cooperation with the world’s most important oral and dental health equipment manufacturers.

In the clinics of Inci Group, all treatments are performed only by specialist dentists and their assistants. Inci Group has been becoming the best institution in Europe in the field of the dental sector, with its clinics that apply the most appropriate treatment methods in the world, together with high material quality, new generation devices and specialist physicians.

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