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Our establishment stepped into the health sector under the “İNCİ” brand with the cooperation of a professional staff specialized in their field, who are dynamic, smiling, passionately looking looking at their profession, determining business priority, ethics and moral rules as an indispensable principle in İstanbul Başakşehir 2013. 

İnci Oral and Dental Health Services is not be statisfied with years of knowledge and meets international standarts in order to provide the best healthcare service, for the patients to have a more comfortable and healthy life with its staff who continuously receive in service training at an academic level; it constantly improves itself in the name of being an institution of international quality that protects, develops and treats dental health. 

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Patient Feedback

Berk Hüma

I have been going for a month due to various dental problems and I am very satisfied with both the attention of the staff, the attitude of the doctors and their procedures. I can say that I have overcome my dentist phobia thanks to them.

Merve Öze

Yes, this was the only place that solved my fears. It is a clinic that helps me to overcome my dentist and needle phobia and it was the place where you can even have a painless root canal treatment. I'm still baffled! I'm glad I came, I'm glad I got to know you, thanks to my teacher Ali.

Nefise Kübra

I went to İnci Diş a few times for different treatments. In each of them, they understood my problem and solved it clearly. Especially Mr. Ali and Mr. Ekrem, who made my last treatment, are very skilled and kind doctors. They optimized it in the shortest possible time in aesthetic treatment. Even the assistant ladies work like bees, mashallah. Thank you very much.

Ruşen Fırat Ersoy

A clinic with experts in every field. Assoc. Dr. Ali Şirali teacher applied implants to my mother and a few of my friends. The results are great. In addition, I have never met another doctor with such a good approach. My other experience was with the pediatrician Mr. Hakan. He treated 11 teeth of my 6-year-old son. Since my son has a phobia, these procedures were performed under general anesthesia in the presence of an Anesthesiologist.

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